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"Congratulations on stealing the show! Your band was amazing and the only one to get a standing ovation. I went there to hear Garfield and Roosevelt but after listening to your band the others seemed a little boring. They were good but did not reach the audience like you did. I went to your website to see when you will be performing next. Thank you for a great time--"

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your band's performance on Friday night, and especially how much I enjoyed Jack's performance of Concerto for Clarinet - his tone was beautiful and he really nailed the tune. I am looking forward to hearing it again when its available on the podcast they mentioned on Friday night. Your trumpets were amazing too - they played so well together and they have an incredibly bright sound - if I had not seen them I would have swore I was hearing a full section.
Thanks and keep it up!"

"We just wanted to congratulate you and the members of Jazz Ensemble I on your phenomenal performance at Hot Java Cool Jazz. It was simply magical! Everyone did a stellar job! You play with such heart and soul and you bring the audience along for this incredible ride. You play with energy and exuberance and fully engage your audience in a way that no other band can do. It reminded me of comments made by Olympic athletes when describing their performances. They often speak of "leaving it all on the track" or "leaving it all on the floor." I think every one of your musicians left everything they had on the stage of the Paramount for all to enjoy. The arrangements were terrific. I was amazed at how well they suited your numbers and strengths. People behind us were commenting on how small the MTHS band was in numbers, but how huge the sound was you all created. We were so proud to be from MTHS because you represented us all so well. Congratulations on a fine performance. You really stole the show."