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praise for the fall band concert 2009

"My husband and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated both the selections you chose for the MTHS band students and the stunning video portion of your Veteran's Day salute. We have family members and a neighbor who have served in the Army, Navy, and Marines; I am deeply grateful that my little brother made it home in one piece and is retired from the Corps."

"I'm *** *** and our son, ***, is in the BTMS 7th grade band. We were at the Fall Concert on Thursday night and I just had to tell you how much we enjoyed it. Everything about the evening was great! All the bands played so well and looked so sharp in their dress clothes. The song selection was moving. We particularly liked the pieces honoring the military - from John Walters reading of the Gettsburg Address to the salute of each military branch ... it was very touching. We also liked the way you included the football team in the evening's recognition - that's a great way to bring all the students together. Congratulations on a wonderful evening and a packed house. Thank you for all the hard work it must take to assemble such a collection of students, instruments and music.

"Thank you once again for another wonderful concert. I enjoyed all of the selections from all of the bands, especially the pieces you selected for the Veteran's Day Assembly. The music coupled with the images from the Civil War was very powerful. Hearing the words from the Gettysburg address was also very moving. I had to memorize the address when I was in fourth grade and I was amazed at how much I retained. The tribute to the various branches of the Armed Forces was very engaging and inspirational. You could tell from the audience response that it was very meaningful for everyone whether you had served or been a family member of one who had. It was a very special evening of music and personal reflection. You and the musicians really made a powerful connection. Thank you for the experience. It was most appreciated."

"Hi, I'm ***, *** ***'s Mom. I just had to let you know what an absolutely Amazing concert you put on last night! I was just in Awe. As a child/student I had no interest in learning about history(civil war) etc , I just wanted to get through school and didn't retain much .... but last nights concert makes me want to learn and know all about it. Thank you so much for peaking my interest and sharing you're incredible talent with us and our children."

"WOW!!!! I have to tell you, that last night's concert was over the top! In the eight years I've been attending concerts, I've heard a lot of outstanding music, but I've got to tell you, that last night was by far the best I've ever heard! Especially the 3rd piece. You did absolutely outstanding! If you were at all concerned about "winning your own civil war" with your headset, etc., it was wonderful! Thank you for a wonderful night of music. Wish I could be there for the assembly on Tuesday (I think that the music moved my parents and Mark so much, that they may come on Tuesday!). Keep up the good work!"